High-Efficiency, Low-Cost Digital Entry Systems

Apartment, condominium and commercial property managers, developers and owners deal with the challenges of managing complex, time-consuming and costly building access systems.

Current systems on the market are either archaic in design or expensive to deploy and operate. Understanding your challenges, we have developed unique systems to provide solutions to address the inefficient and costly systems presently on the market.

​At Grand Dunes Entry Systems, our core belief centers on our passion for innovation, built upon a continued commitment to our focus on creating customer success. We understand, your success is defined by efficient, low-cost, ease and speed of integration along with an optimal tenant user experience.

Our Continued Commitment

Our team brings experiences from all walks of life with many decades of unique expertise in the communications and electrical engineering industries. Together we bring specific skills reflected by our track record of success, while contributing to both community and environmental well-being.

Vandal Resistant Touch Screen

  • IR Touch Bezel
  • Easily replicable screen protector
  • 10mm thick glass

Video App Available

  • Free iPhone/Android app
  • One-way video
  • Certificate level authentication
  • Encrypted communication

Easy to Use Layout

  • Intuitive guest interface
  • Management is as easy as a few clicks of a button

Easy to Configure Management Interface

  • Anyone can be trained on the system with-in a matter of minutes.
  • Secure and Remote management via a web portal.
  • VPN access to the system
  • .CSV bulk upload

Simple Installation

  • Systems come pre-programmed out of the box and ready to work
  • Simply mount it to the wall, hook up power, Phone/internet, door control and it works!
  • Free 24/7 monitoring and 24/7/365 manufacturer support for our VAR’s

No Ongoing Fees

  • No per user fees
  • No per unit fees
  • No Monthly or Yearly fees
  • No ongoing licensing or manufacturer support fee
  • Once you buy it, you OWN it!

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